High calorie foods to help kids gain weight

High calorie foods to help kids gain weight

Some children are picky eaters, some kids have sensory processing problems that make mealtime hard and some kids just have trouble gaining weight. Here is a list of high calorie foods and meal ideas for children who need a high calorie diet. These foods are great for kids who can chew, but for those who have trouble chewing or have problems with different textures, these items can be pureed as well. Be sure to follow your doctor’s advice for proper nutrition and check to be sure foods are age appropriate and cut small enough so as to not be a choking hazard.

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For purees, try these instead of water as your pureeing liquid: Greek yogurt, flavored yogurt, applesauce, mayo, whole milk, cream corn, heavy whipping cream, butter, chicken broth, beef broth, vegetable broth, avocado.

For extra calories add a small amount to any dish:

  1. Butter, olive oil, coconut oil, heavy whipping cream, mayo
  2. Croissant, Peanut butter and jelly
  3. Cheese roll and cream cheese
  4. Cheese breadstick and cream cheese
  5. Berries, cream and crackers
  6. Waffle with peanut butter and jelly or syrup
  7. Banana with peanut butter
  8. Melon cubes dipped in yogurt
  9. Fruit slices dipped in caramel sauce
  10. Crackers and hummus with sesame seed oil
  11. Crackers and pesto with olive oil
  12. ANY fruit dipped in whipped cream
  13. Top ramen soup cooked with egg and oil and shredded chicken
  14. Spaghettios cooked with added butter, vegetable and cheese
  15. Ravioli heated with added butter and cheese
  16. Macaroni & Cheese with extra butter, cheese, hot dogs (chopped small enough to not pose choking hazard)
  17. Macaroni & Cheese with extra butter, cheese and tuna
  18. Refried beans, rice, cheese and sour cream and shredded chicken
  19. Refried beans and cheese tolled in tortilla
  20. Baked beans with cheese and grated hot dog
  21. Sweet potatoes, butter, syrup and deli sliced turkey
  22. Baked potato, butter, cheese and deli sliced meat
  23. Mashed potatoes, sour cream, butter and cheese
  24. Mashed potatoes, butter and meat gravy
  25. French-fries dipped in mayo or ranch dressing
  26. Tator tots with melted cheese
  27. Hash browns with eggs, cheese and ranch dressing
  28. Pancakes with syrup and sausages cut small enough to avoid choking hazards
  29. Melted cheese on butter toast
  30. Grilled tuna fish with mayo and cheese
  31. Grilled cheese sandwich and cooked vegetables with butter
  32. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, canned fruit with cream
  33. Tuna/Egg salad sandwich, butter and mayo on bread
  34. Buttered tortilla with melted cheese
  35. Tortilla, cream cheese & jelly rolled up
  36. Turkey and Cream cheese sandwich
  37. Avocado and cream cheese sandwich
  38. Cheeseburger and French fries (with a dip such as ranch dressing)
  39. Meats, eggs, and cheese
  40. Deli sliced meat dipped in gravy and cooked vegetable with butter
  41. Deli sliced meat spread with cream cheese and rolled up and sliced
  42. Scrambled eggs with butter and cheese
  43. Hard-boiled eggs, sliced with added butter
  44. String cheese and buttered toast
  45. Cheese quiche made with sausage or bacon
  46. Fish sticks dipped in mayo, tartar sauce or ranch dressing
  47. Pizza with meat and cheese toppings
  48. Pot pies and vegetables with butter
  49. Shakes, drinks Pediasure with added heavy whipping cream
  50. Banana, strawberry, spinach, heavy whipping cream and whole milk blended in the blender

We hope our list of high calorie foods to help kids gain weight has been helpful. Whether your child has special needs, is a picky eater or is just having trouble gaining weight, this list of sample meal ideals for children should help your little one meet their calorie needs. Check out our other articles, like our meal ideas for picky eaters.

Please comment below and share your experience with us, or give us a feedback about this article. If you think some tips are not included here, please let us know so that we could share them with the rest.